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Proactive Human Resources is a high-quality, innovative, young company providing consultation services and human resource outsourcing management services. The company builds infrastructures for effective, flexible, professional human resource management in accordance with its customers' needs. In addition, the company offers its clients human resource management and recruitment of professionals to support establishment or expansion programs or to provide temporary replacements. The company also engages in placing both middle-level employees and executives - high-quality, professional manpower - in a variety of organizations.


The company's services are available according to customer needs, creating strategic partnerships and providing personal, focused relations. Our success is measured by our contribution to our clients' business success!


Details of the Company's Services:


Human Resource Management Services in Outsourcing

The company's vision is to generate a competitive edge for its clients by providing professional human resource services.  We offer an expert human resources manager who is placed within the organization, on either a full- or part-time basis (depending on customer needs) and supports all its human resource activity, accompanied by help from our experts. The service includes handling all aspects of human resources including:


  • Construction of infrastructures and implementation of the recruitment process in conjunction with the organization's managers (from the stage of job profiling, to identifying recruitment sources, to conducting the actual hiring)
  • Building and support of the on boarding process in the organization, including setting up an orientation workshop and professional training workshops in accordance with the clients' needs
  • Management development and construction of management reserves
  • Handling of compensation and benefits (salary surveys, incentive programs, fringe benefits, etc.)
  • Dealing with the individual and his/her wellbeing
  • Management training and employee development (feedback processes, surveys, development of reserve management, etc.)
  • Improvement of inter-organizational communication; development a sense of belonging and group pride
  • A director/recruitment coordinator/human resource manager dealing with temporary replacement of employees on maternity leave, reinforcement and targeted projects


The services offered are on a superior, professional level, with operational flexibility and full control over expenses - enabling the organization's managers to concentrate on handling their business.



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